Terry Allan is an Elgin loon who was educated in Elgin East End, Bishopmill Primary School and Elgin Academy prior to studying electrical and electronic engineering at the University of Aberdeen. Subsequently he spent nearly 40 years teaching about computing and the applications and uses of the information technologies (IT) in a wide range of contexts.

For 30 years whilst working in Aberdeen College of Education, Northern College (Aberdeen and Dundee) and in the University of Aberdeen he specialised in applications and uses of IT within teacher education and within the wider world of education. Although he retired in 2010 he is still actively interested and engaged in his subject specialisms, at a leisurely pace. In his honorary capacity, at the University of Aberdeen, it is his ongoing intention to contribute as required to any appropriate research activities

As a left leaning Scottish Nationalist he believes that Scotland needs to be in control of its own destiny whilst remaining in close partnership with its geographically and culturally closest friends and neighbours. He believes that despite the great similarities across the peoples of Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales there are significant enough differences and historical and political influences to make Scottish independence a desirable outcome.

Terry is a regular jogger who believes that physical and mental health benefits can be accrued through exercise. Although a long time member of a local gym he prefers to run outside and he can be seen from time to time doing so whilst video recording the environment and audio recording some commentary about education, politics or some other issue close to his heart at that time.

Other interests, although not obsessional, include computing, applications of the information technologies within education and society, HiFi and photography. Terry is also an able DIYer and so an interest in tools to facilitate the application and implementation of that ability should be included in any list of interests. An ability to undertake practical jobs can, however, be possible without having a passion for the work associated with the DIY.

Although Terry's existing interests are wide and varied, and he finds it natural to develop and to engage in new interests, he believes strongly that home and family are more important to life and living than any other interest. Linda and Terry met forty five years ago whilst students at the University of Aberdeen and they have have been married for nearly forty years. They have two children.